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Steal the Key


A necromancer, an incubus and a vampire walk into a bar….

My life’s one bad joke after another.

I’m in a race against time to steal a Death Goddess’s key before it falls into the wrong hands. There’s also a good chance the ruthless family I left behind are hot on my heels—and vying for the very same key that I’m planning to destroy.

Saving the world is tricky enough, but doing it while chronically broke is another thing entirely. I don’t have time to worry about paying my rent—even if I am late. Yet again.

And I don’t have time for romance, even if my heart has other ideas. Especially when it comes to a beautiful but distant incubus, and a vampire bodyguard I have no business finding attractive...

Talk about complicated.

But the clock’s ticking. Somehow, I’ve got to steal the key, avoid my family, and figure out my love life before things go to hell in a hand-basket.

Oh, and I need to stay alive. Can't forget that.

All I’ve got are my shaky necromancy powers, an awkward sense of humor in the face of danger, and an empty wallet to assist me.

Piece of cake…right?

Steal the Key is the second contract in a trilogy that contains more death, confusing feelings about vampires, even more pining for an incubus, copious F bombs and a very capable fish named Kevin.

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