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Q) How many books are in the Stallion Ridge Series?

A) There are 7 books planned for the Stallion Ridge series. 

Q) Where do the short stories fit into the main Stallion Ridge series?

A) The Tails of Stallion Ridge collection, with Bullhorns & Bounties, Growls & Gravestones and Feathers & Farewell, take place before the events of Heartache & Hoofbeats. 

But, that collection can be read at any time. It's a stand alone story.

The same can be said about Alphas & Allies, which is also totally separate from the main story line. It can be read by itself.

Dates & Disasters is the only short that needs some prior reading before diving into it. It should only be read AFTER reading Runes, Ruin & Redemption!

Q) How many Relic Books are planned?

A) There are 5 books planned as of right now.

Q) Where can I buy your books?

A) Right now, my books are exclusive to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

I don't have any plans on making them available for purchase on other platforms at this time. 

Q) Can I get paperbacks?

A) You can! Most of my books are available in paperback form on Amazon.

Please note, my cover designer and best friend works a full time job in Japan teaching. Sometimes there is a delay on my paperbacks being available because this glorious human works on my covers in her spare time. Sometimes that is a very rare commodity. We both do our very best to get them up as fast as we can! 

Q) Do you ever do signed books/book plates?

A) I sure do! I usually do these during October. If you want to be informed on when the sign up for those happen, make sure you sign up for my newsletter!

Q) Do you go to signing events or conventions?

A) I absolutely love going to signing events and conventions! The one I frequent each year is GRL -- Gay Romance Lit Retreat. I'm almost guaranteed to be at that one. 

I plan on attending other conventions in the future. I'll keep my newsletter people informed on my planned whereabouts. 

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