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How many books are in the stallion ridge series?

There are 7 books in the Stallion Ridge series.

Where do the short stories fit into the main Stallion Ridge Series?

The Tails of Stallion Ridge collection, with Bullhorns & Bounties, Growls & Gravestones and Feathers & Farewell, take place before the events of Heartache & Hoofbeats. 


But, that collection can be read at any time. It's a stand alone story.

The same can be said about Alphas & Allies, which is also totally separate from the main story line. It can be read by itself.

Dates & Disasters is the only short that needs some prior reading before diving into it. It should only be read AFTER reading Runes, Ruin & Redemption!

How many Relic books are planned?

There are 5 books planned as of right now.

Where can I buy you books?

Right now, my books are exclusive to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

I don't have any plans on making them available to purchase on other platforms at this time.

Can I get paperbacks or bookplates?

You can! Most of my books are available in paperback form on Amazon. If you'd liked signed paperbacks or bookplates, they are available in my store!

Do you go to signing events or conventions?

I absolutely love going to signing events and conventions! I sent out where I'll be attending in my newsletters and social media.

Am I allowed to use your characters or book quotes on my merch?

If you'd like to use a quote or make fan art for personal use, I don't mind at all! If you want to use any of my quotes or characters for merch you plan on selling, please reach out to me so we can discuss it

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