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Sunsets & Showdowns


West Klelbor is a ghost.

A Centaur without honor, West has kept to the shadows out of reach from the nefarious legends surrounding his name. His brother Cal believes he is long dead, and West has been careful to maintain the lie for the past several years to keep him safe.
When a mysterious stranger warns West that Stallion Ridge is in danger, West has to wrestle with his own ghosts to confront the very real threats against his brother’s life.

But West’s treacherous past isn't the only thing haunting him.

Longing for redemption and beholden to his new master, the deadly Dragon Gin is sent into the wild to claim the head of the infamous Pale Horse of Death. Unfortunately, the sly Centaur isn’t going to make his hunt easy.

Nor is he going to let Gin escape with his heart intact.

Heartache & Hoofbeats
Claw Marks & Card Games
Suspects & Scales
Rocks & Railways
Mimics & Mayhem
Runes, Ruin & Redemption
Fate & Fortune
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