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Find the Jinn


Wilde Contract Killing and Fish Training, how can I help you?

Murder contract? Piece of cake.


Find a jinn? No problem.


New necromancy powers while being followed by an unwanted vampire bodyguard?


Not so much.


Trained to handle even the most fierce undead, Dallas Wilde took out a powerful necromancer without breaking a sweat. Okay, that’s a lie – there was tons of sweat, but he was victorious all the same.


Unfortunately, killing a necromancer comes with some repercussions.


Broody, annoying, vampire repercussions and new abilities to resurrect the dead.


Can Dallas navigate his blood-sucking bodyguard, new powers, feelings for his attractive client and still handle his contract in time to pay his very, very late rent – all while trying not to get super murdered in the process?


Let’s hope so.

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