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Sink or Swim



Trapped on a cruise ship with a man I absolutely hate is not how I wanted to spend this fake honeymoon. Especially when my “fiancé” has a deadly ex on the same boat. 

Jackson is everything I’m not: brash, careless and a former fossil thief. But he’s my ticket to getting what I want -- the original Spinosaurus fossils that have been lost for decades.


Now I have to play the part, win the fossils and try not to kill him in the process.

The danger of being caught, tortured or killed isn’t what scares me. 

Navigating the waters of this fake relationship is threatening to pull me under. 

And I’m terrified of sinking. 

MarkieChibis (4).png

Chibi Jackson & Baha by the fabulous Jen Fowler!

Jackson PNG.png
Baha PNG (1).png

Jackson & Baha's dinosaur forms by the amazing Madi H!

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