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The Nipple Ring Scene

This is a bonus short story that takes place after the events of Smash & Grab! If you haven't read that first, I recommend you do so.




Pro tip: getting beaten up by cartel thugs after getting into a car accident sucks ass. Don’t do it.

Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to have a cute Dr. Dimple at your bedside taking care of you and you’re too banged up to properly romance him? It’s worse than having your tail stepped on by a diplodocus, and I would know. I’ve had both things happen to me. Not having sex with Simon is way worse.

When week two rolled around, my hormones were teenage level of combustion. Sure, he technically shared a room with me for most of it, but I was too sore and pitiful to do more than cuddle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy who loves the snugs, but I can’t stay PG-13 forever. I need hot and heavy, passion and all that goodness. 

Simon didn’t even let me see him without clothes on, the gorgeous tease. He claimed it was because he didn’t want to enable me to hurt myself, but I think he just enjoyed torturing me. He seems all sweet and innocent until he holds all the sex cards.

He’s like an evil, seductive uno player. 

Or something.

Needless to say, when I was finally able to move around and not be in agony, I was ready for a proper romantic night with my pretty Simon. 

Simon was distracted by something on his phone when he came into my room holding a plastic bag. The warm smell of Chinese food followed him inside, the form containers inside the bag squeaking as he set them down.

“Hey, I brought some Asian House-- uh.” His beautiful eyes grew wide when he finally lifted his gaze.

“Hey.” I wiggled my eyebrows from the bed. I was still bruised and banged up, but I was hoping my naked self laid out on my Land Before Time sheets would get him going. “I’m glad it was you this time and not Montana. He yelled at me.”

“That explains why he said he wasn’t hungry.” Simon’s cheeks flushed as he let his eyes roam over me. “Aren’t you still healing?”

“I’m healed enough.” I gave my sheets a pat. “C’mere.”

“You’re still really bruised…” he tried to protest, but I could see the hunger in his eyes. My sweet Simon missed me and damn did I miss him. 

“Guess you’ll need to be gentle with me then.” I sat up on my knees as he came to the mattress, tugging him closer by his shirt until I could reach his lips. Good God, Simon kissed like a dream. Sensual, giving, and always just a little shy at first. I loved how he sighed when he felt my lips on his, I loved how he cupped my cheek.

I smiled against his lips as he gave a soft little sigh, and started to tug off his shirt when he froze.

“Wait.” Simon’s shoulders tensed and he held his shirt down by the bottom. His already blushing cheeks exploded with heat, his brown eyes turned into dinner plates. “There’s-- I...forgot to tell you something.”

“Um?” I blinked. “About...what?”

“So,” he began slowly, his fingers plucking at the hem of his shirt. “When Baha and I were coming to save you from Hyena…”

“Hmmm, my hero,” I swooned. “I love when you say you saved me.”

“Well, Baha said I needed to have a tracking device so we could find you…” He cleared his throat and twisted his shirt in his fingers.

“Uh-huh…” I nodded. “Awesome. And?”

Simon let out a long breath from his lips before reaching behind himself and tugging his shirt over his head. He paused a moment when the shirt was over his chest before finally letting it drop.

Sweet. Raptor. Jesus.

I covered my mouth with both hands to keep myself from screaming in delight. 

My pretty Simon had a nipple ring.

I’ll repeat that.

My Pretty Simon had a sexy as fuck, nipple ring.

“What?” he asked because I had yelled something behind my fingers.

“You have a nipple ring!” I screamed again as my hands fell away. He hushed me with a pleading look in his eyes, laughter bubbling out of him.

“Dalton!” he whisper-shouted. 

“Oh my God. That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Can I lick it? I wanna lick it.” I tried to do just that, but he caught my shoulders and held me at bay.

“Dalton!” he tried to sound scandalized but he was laughing. “Stop lapping the air, that’s fucking weird!”

“I need to put my tongue on it!”

“Just--wait! Wait!” he wrapped his arms around my neck and put his forehead against mine, cheeks flushed as he laughed. I grinned up at him, pulling him into my lap as he crawled onto the bed. 

“I...wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it.” Simon leaned back to look down at his chest, flicking the ring with his finger.


I whimpered.

“Please keep it,” I whined, still very much wanting to lick it. “It’s so hot.”

“I dunno.” His nose scrunched up. “It’s not really me.”

“Why not?” I raised an eyebrow, because it was ridiculous. “It’s so you. This is not just my wet dream, but also like...a badge of your bravery. You saved my life, Simon. This is like your trophy.”

“Huh.” He smiled as he reexamined it. “I never thought of it that way.” There was a pause as he met my gaze again, looking sheepish and sweet. “You really like it?”

“Baby, I like every inch of you, ring or not. But yes, I very much like it.” I nodded quickly. “May I lick it now?”

“Oh my God.” Simon’s hands covered his face and he gave a very tiny nod. The poor sweet thing. I was going to make him explode into flames and I loved it. Since he had his face covered, I had to ease his arms away from his chest to get to my prize. 

I didn’t go right for it, because I’m a gentleman.

Instead, I planted kisses from his neck down his chest before tip-toeing down to what I really wanted. The ring was simple, a classic silver ring with a ball in the middle that kept it fastened. It was cold against my lips, warming quickly as I licked it up into my mouth. Simon let out a hiss, his fingers slipping into my hair. 

I hadn’t bothered to put my mohawk up, mostly because I really liked when Simon slipped his fingers through my hair. It added an extra layer of intimacy that I craved, feeling his finger tips trace my scalp as I sucked on his sexy nipple ring. 

Since I had this planned, the lube was just under my pillow. It made it very easy to grab without having to sacrifice any face time with the new ring. Simon tugged my hair to get my attention as I popped the cap of the lube open.

“I dunno if it’s a good idea for us to...get too involved while you’re healing.”

“Fuck that.”

“Dalton.” His brown eyes softened. “I don’t want you to get hurt. I’m not saying we can’t do stuff but maybe just know. Full sex.”

I pouted out my bottom lip. “But I want you to fuck me.”

“God, I do too,” he said in a rush, the front of his jeans not hiding the truth to that statement. “We can do other stuff.”

“Like...what?” I grinned at him, showing all my sharp teeth. “Tell me what you wanna do, Simon.”

He licked his lips, lust warming his cheeks. “How about we jack each other off while you play with the nipple ring?”

I made a very desperate noise in my throat and he bit his lip with a smile. 

“Oh hell yes.” I tugged at his jeans. “Off. Or I’m ripping them.”

“Easy, boy,” he said around a laugh, but he knew I was only half joking. He stepped away from the bed just long enough to disrobe, kicking off everything before climbing back onto the mattress. I leaned back against the headboard as he straddled my lap, giving me easy access to my new favorite thing. The ring glistened in the light, begging me to touch it again. His pink nipple was at attention, the skin warm from my previous contact. 

It had been a little while since either of us felt each other’s touch, so the squeeze of our palms around our respective cocks made us both gasp. The lube was slick and heavenly as I dribbled it over our dicks, adding just enough ease to the slow tugs we gave each other.

From the way Simon responded to my hand, I could tell it wasn’t going to last long. Thank fuck for that, because I was about ready to pop as it was.

Simon braced one hand on the headboard so he could lean forward, letting me suck and tease his ring as he slowly tugged our cocks. He groaned as I twisted my palm over his head, my tongue flicking the ring in a down right pornographic way. I couldn’t believe this shy darling had pierced his nipple for me. And kept it. I was so lucky. So, painfully lucky.

“You’re so hot,” I managed around his ring still in my mouth. “Simon. My Simon.”

“Whoa,” he breathed. “I dunno why but...that really turns me on.”

“My Simon,” I said again, teasing his head a bit with my thumb. 

“Dalton. Fuck.” His breathing was deep and steady, and I could feel his heart pounding against my lips. “I’m not going to last long.”

I hummed around his ring and swirled my tongue around it, watching his face melt from passion to desperation. His fingers gripped me, each tug pushing me further towards the edge that I was already racing towards. I think I tried to say something, tried to claim him as my own one more time, but my voice got stuck in my throat.

The tension building at the base of my spine burst, my orgasm reducing me to a long groan with a nipple ring on my tongue. I’m fairly sure my eyes crossed from how fucking good it felt, so I was thankful Simon had tossed his head back. 

He bit his own fist to keep from screaming, instead huffing not so quiet breaths out around his knuckles as his body shook, thighs shivering from the pulses. We kept giving long, slow pulls on each other until it was unbearable, wanting to ride the bliss as long as possible.

Soon we were soggy messes with our foreheads together again, two post-orgasm zombies catching our breaths. 

“So. Yeah,” I said between breaths. “I like the ring.”

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