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Tails of Stallion Ridge Short Story Collection

Bullhorns & Bounties

Short Story # 1

Marshal Jack Rowlett hung up his bounty hunting ways years ago for the clear-cut justice of the law. Taking up the mantle of protector, Jack uses his skills to do right by the folk of Worthington and the small towns near it.

The dangerous blurry lines of the hunt wasn’t all this Minotaur left behind.

Gideon is a storm to Jack's calm; exploding into his life like a hurricane of temptation. As Jack’s former partner -- both in and out of bed -- the lone wolf has a way with pushing all of the Marshal's buttons.

Can the sexy bounty hunter lure him back into his old life?

Growls & Gravestones.jpg

Growls & Gravestones

Short Story # 2

Gideon Ortega is dead.


Or at least that's what his death certificate states. When Marshal Jack Rowlett gets the news his former partner and lover was gunned down, he is determined to find out the truth.


Jack is bound for Gideon's old town to see if there is a gravestone with his name on it. And find who the hell is responsible for his grief.

Feathers & Farewells.png

Feathers & Farewells

Short Story # 3

Once again, Jack and Gideon are on the hunt together.


The honor-bound Marshal of Worthington and his former bounty hunting partner are on the trail of a sinnister trafficking ring. They will either bring the ring down or die trying.


As they chase down their elusive target, Jack begins to realize their time together is short. It isn’t just the threat of the enemy they chase, but also the pull of duty he’s left behind. Despite their different paths, Gideon never seems to leave Jack’s side.


But he won’t be able to hold onto him much longer.


Torn between his honor and his heart, Jack is forced to choose:

His badge or his wolf?


Art by Jen Fowler

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