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Smash & Grab



My standard issued lab badge reads 'Simon' but it really should say 'unexciting nerd with no social life'

Don’t get me wrong -- I love what I do with a passion, but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else.

Especially romance.

While chipping away at my work, I’m suddenly the person between hired cartel muscle and the fossil that will define my career.

Which isn’t the most insane part of the story.

My savior is a chaotic, bat-wielding punk with a bubble gum pink mohawk and a killer smile.

In a mad dash to escape the thieves, my knight in studded armor sweeps me across the country while hitting every tourist trap along the way.

While smuggling a fossil, might I add.

Oh, and did I mention this pink punk can shift into a dinosaur?

Smash & GrabKirt Graves
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Curious about Dalton's reaction to the nipple ring?

Check out this bonus scene!

MarkieChibis (3).png

Chibi Simon & Dalton by the fabulous Jen Fowler!

Raptor Shifter PNG.png

Dalton's raptor form by the amazing Madi H!

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