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What a ride! First there were werewolves, then dragons, and now it's a centaur, and maybe a minotaur, to add to the list of my fictional boyfriends! The world of Stallion Ridge is fantastical in the best way. 

Their interactions are also full of humor and sass, and when things turn physical WHOOSH! It's on fire! I really enjoyed this book, the world building is well done, and the characters are lovable and I just can't wait for more.


A slow burn romance with enjoyable heroes. I enjoyed the heck out of this story. I like shifter books and this one was different. Shifter types that I've never read about before. The supporting characters are intriguing also. Lots of opportunity for more stories.

Amazon REVIEW FROM Ramona

Amazing world-building and an action backed story-line that will keep you riveted to the last page. Jessie and Cal were so steamy together and i loved their banter! Such an amazing mix of characters that included a centaur shifter, a skinchanger, merman, snake shifters and so much more! The writing was beautiful and the characters were so nicely crafted that as you read this story with all of it special characters you believed the reality. 

Goodreads REVIEW FROM DixieCowgirl

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