• Maz

Redoing the Blog

The blog I had before was pretty bad. Layout wise, anyway. So, I'm starting fresh.


Claw Marks & Card Games is due out October 1st!!

I'm extremely excited about this story and I hope everyone will enjoy it. I'm planning on doing something *special* for those of you who pre-order it, so make sure to stick around.

I finally caved and made an author page on Facebook. Apparently it's the thing to do if you're an author, and since I cave to peer pressure and want to be one of the cool kids, I made a page. Nothing really exciting there yet, but it's there if you want to check it out.

I'm way more active on Facebook with the fun stuff I post, so jump on there and friend me if you want more shenanigans and pictures of monster boys. Oh, and I post blurbs sometimes.