• Maz

New Year, New Author Giveaway

This is kind of a late holiday/early new year present.

I'm part of another amazing giveaway through Prolific Works! Myself along with 28 other new authors of 2018 will be giving you some new , m/m goodies to start off 2019 right.

Starting 12/28, you can snag a free, new Stallion Ridge novella -- Alphas & Allies


As a small alpha of a town of werewolves, Antonio has a lot to prove. When a beautiful stranger rolls into town challenging his right to lead his pack, the young alpha is faced with a life or death choice.

Cash has seen small towns reduced to nothing but blood and smoke. When he crosses Guardia and sees it governed by a green alpha with more charm than sense, he can’t help but step in to protect them. But at what cost?

Alphas & Allies is a stand-alone, 20K novella set in the Stallion Ridge universe. It contains overcoming the past, a motley crew of allies, goat mind control* and fun with moonshine. *Has yet to be proven.


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