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Gardens & Ghosts



Out Now

For the past few years, I’ve been living with a ghost.

My husband - my mate - was lost because of choices I made. As one of only a few tyrannosaur shifters on this planet, I have resigned myself to an immortality alone, married to my work.

I am more than happy to keep my walls up, heart guarded, and my focus set on my missions.

That was until a compassionate, plant obsessed man stomped into my life.

Henry is everything I don’t have time for: young, reckless, eager to prove himself, and desperate to push all of my buttons.

Some of those buttons he hits with expert precision.

When we learn about a rare, and life changing shifter fossil being traded on the black market, Henry and I set out into the concrete jungle of Chicago to steal it back.

The treasure is heavily guarded, worth a fortune, and sought after by all manner of deadly adversaries.

If we can keep our heads down and maintain a professional relationship, we might make it through this alive.

Henry has other plans.

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